You are your USP

U Are Your USP

Yes, there are probably loads of companies out there doing what you do.

So it can seem tricky to stand out and be seen. And be heard.

Which means you need a U.S.P. Your unique selling point.

But what makes your company unique is YOU!

The way you think. The way you talk. All your past experiences and your learnings. Your approach to how you serve your customers. Everything adds up to being YOU.

Don’t be afraid to shine! Dare to be YOU when you write your content.

Remember, even in B2B you’re interacting with humans. Not robots. And humans like to connect with other humans.

A sprinkle of personality goes ridiculously far.

Use it in your emails, blog posts, social media posts – all your communications with your audience!

You’ll start building strong relationships. Your audience will spot things that they also do or feel to.

You don’t need to get overly personal, unless you want to. I mean, there’s nothing that brings people together like revealing an embarrassing story. But if that’s not your thing, then don’t!

Just be you. And write like you speak.

They’ll love you for it.

Because you’re fabulous! 

Yo x

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