Information booklet for young adults

copywriting for young adults

The Client: The Vegan Society (registered charity).
The Challenge: to attract and provide information for younger members aged 13-18.

The Solution: there are a lot of questions that young people have about the vegan diet and lifestyle. As well as writing a new youth section in the charity’s membership magazine, I wrote and designed this fun and informative printed booklet to help educate and inspire them.


Going vegan for the planet


Did you know that a varied vegan diet uses half the amount of land used to produce a vegetarian diet, and one fifth of the amount used for a typical meat-based diet? Plant based diets also require less water to produce. For example, to get 1 kg of wheat you need 120 litres of water, but 1 kg of beef needs a massive 3,700 litres (i)!

It’s not good news for the rainforests either. To provide enough food to feed the animals eaten by humans, large areas of rainforest are destroyed to grow crops to feed those animals. Crazy, huh?

And don’t forget that all the farts and poo produced by the 45 million sheep and cattle that are reared for the meat and dairy industries in the UK alone soon add up (ii). Methane (the gas in those nasty farts) is one of the main gases contributing to global warming.


i. J.L.Beckett & W Oltjen, ‘Estimation of the water requirement for Beef Production in the United States’, Journal of Animal Science, 1993, 71:818-826’
ii. Based on DEFRA statistics ‘Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2005’