B2B articles and newsletters (tourism marketing)

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The client: Glide Media, distributor of printed marketing material for tourist attractions, events and venues.



The challenge: While my client is an expert at providing a trusted and trackable leaflet distribution service they realised that they are only part of the equation when it comes to their clients’ goal of increasing their footfall.

Their larger clients engage marketing professionals to attract customers but many of their smaller clients and potential clients wear many hats and struggle with some aspects of their marketing – from producing a great leaflet to having a good, user-friendly online presence. The aim was to help them fill in the gaps and make their campaign more effective at bringing in more customers.

The solution: 
A series of blogs delivering simple and actionable tips to help their audience with their marketing from how to produce a more effective leaflet campaign to general marketing planning.

The result: 
A clear increased sense of value added to my client’s service. They gained lots of positive feedback on the articles and noticed more word of mouth recommendations.



My client’s audience engaged really well with the newsletters I sent out to promote these articles: average open rate: 25.7%, average click rate: 4.8%.


How to Combine Print and Social Media Marketing


With so much focus on websites, newsletter emails and social media pages it can be easy to think that’s what should get your full attention when it comes to creating your marketing strategy. But your audience spends time in other places other than just online.


They probably visit a shopping centre once a week, they take coffee breaks at service stations and relax in restaurants, theatres and leisure centres. Which are all great opportunities to let them know about your event or tourist attraction.


The key is to use online and offline marketing to complement each other and create better relationships with your audience.


Here are our top 3 tips to help you.


1. Use printed material to stand out and develop your online engagement
With so many messages, ads and posts floating around online, it can be hard to make your presence felt. But a well placed leaflet, for example, can really stand out and create interest.


Keep the message of your printed materials simple and to the point. Use just enough information to capture their attention then direct them to your website and social media pages with links/hashtags to tell them more and develop your relationship. To make this call to action more effective you might like to offer your online followers exclusive discounts and mention that on your leaflet.