About me

Hello, I’m Yohanna!

Here’s how I went from book geek to self-employed wordsmith (a.ka. freelance copywriter). Crafting content marketing magic along the way.

I’ve always loved books, but it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I discovered I had a gift for writing. Like a lot of people, it started with a blog – mine followed my passion for food and health. This side project turned out to be the best calling card a gal can have! Because not only did it teach me so much about writing and content marketing, but it also led to people wanting some of my wordsmithery and marketing pizzazz for their own businesses. More than ten years on and I’ve had the joy of writing for some amazing organisations.


Creative strategy & content that converts

I’ve been shaking it as a freelancer for over five years now, helping SMEs with their communications and copywriting. I bring them brilliant copywriting: like words for their new website, newsletters and press releases. But it’s not just great wording that I bring to the table! I have almost twenty years’ experience of communications and marketing within large and small businesses, charities and educational organisations – both B2C and B2B.


And my experience as a health coach for women entrepreneurs gets me inside people’s heads. So I ask the right questions to properly understand the needs of my clients and of their audience.


As well as a diploma in plant-based nutrition and a diploma in graphic design, I have a BA from UCL in Scandinavian Studies with Management Studies. Which led me to beautiful Sweden where I lived for a whole decade.

Many of my ‘YES!’ moments come when I’m sitting somewhere inspiring with a good ol’ fashioned notebook and pen in my hand rather than staring at my screen.


Getting away from my desk is what I would call my secret weapon. It means that I’m in the right headspace to produce fantastic work for my clients. So it’s no coincidence that I now live in the stunning Welsh hills in Carmarthenshire, with my husband and rescue dog. I love to be outdoors as much as I can – walking, canoeing, gardening, cycling, camping… And, after all these years, I’m still a book nerd.

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