3 Unconventional Ways to Rock Your Marketing

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Have you been procrastinating to avoid your marketing to-do list? Try these 3 tips to re-frame things and get your juices flowing…

Ditch the ‘M’ word

Don’t think of it as ‘marketing’ if that word just makes you want to reach for the gin. It’s a useful word because people tend to know what it entails, but does carry with it a whiff of sleaze born from decades of companies using the incessant invasion of our subconscious to sell stuff we neither want or need. Try re-framing it to: ‘How can I reach more awesome people who need my help?’ Think about where they might go – either online or in person — and find ways to be present to help them with the problem they are looking to solve. Stay tuned because we’ll share more tips on how to this in future articles!

Use your trainers!

If you’re sitting there in front of your laptop trying to force out that newsletter or blog and it’s just not happening, take a mental laxative and shake it up instead! I rarely get a creative idea at my desk. Topics for articles and posts usually come to me when I’m chatting or working with people and I see what they need help with. Exercising is a really great way for brilliant thoughts to pop up too – even if it’s just a quick walk in the park. I keep a list of the things I think people will find useful, and when it’s time to write about it, I sit (somewhere more inspiring than at a desk) with a good ol’ fashioned pen and paper to write my structure and the points I want to cover, and only when that’s done do I go about in weaving all together in digital.

Be romantic

Say what?! No, I don’t suggest you hit on all your clients. That would be, well, just creepy. What I mean is don’t just think of customers as buyers. Think of them as a dear friend. Most people half expect cards and gifts at Christmas, say, but why not send them something thoughtful at a random time of year to show how much you appreciate them. Perhaps a card with an inspiring quote, or book that you know might help them. Or that interesting tea they commented on during a meeting. You’ll make them feel pretty special, and people like that. As Maya Angelou once said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Do you have any tips for reaching out to people who need your expertise, and make them feel special? Please do share them below. We love to hear from you. And do share this article with someone else who might find it useful. Thanks so much. You’re awesome!


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