Product Reviews for Printed Magazine

The Vegan Society

Product Reviews for Printed Magazine

The Vegan Society

Yohanna worked with this awesome charity for 2 years contributing to their quarterly magazine aimed at people interested in the vegan diet and lifestyle.

Here she combined two of the things she loves most. Trying new food and drink products and writing about them! This piece aimed to connect food/drink producers with an audience hungry for exciting products which matched its dietary needs.

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    Summer 2008 Issue

    Good Korma

    Hooray! Everyone can enjoy this delightfully creamy dairy-free korma sauce from Safetoeat. Bursting with coconut and mild Indian spices and free from artificial ingredients, this sauce is wonderful heated up with some tasty vegetables and tofu. The entire Safetoeat range is free from gluten and nuts, and includes delicious vegan sauces, soups and chutneys.

    Golden Korma Sauce costs £2.59 for 400g.

    Available in selected delis and health food shops, at, and larger branches of Tesco Extra, and Sainsbury’s. Tel: 01663 744452 Email:


    An Apple a Day...

    It’s nearly autumn, and what could be nicer than a refreshing glass of Samuel Smith’s organic cider after bringing in the harvest, raking the leaves or, less romantically, a day at the office? This lovely medium dry Organic Cider has a light body, clean apple flavour and a gentle apple blossom finish. And if you haven’t popped your fruit beer cherry yet, then now’s your chance with their super sexy Organic Cherry Fruit Beer – a smooth marriage of mature and complex organic ale with pure organic fruit juice. It’s 5.1% ABV though, so don’t quaff it like it’s cherry pop, or might get a bit fruity yourself!

    Both drinks are available from independent retailers and pubs and cost between £2 and £2.50.

Project Details

Product reviews for printed magazine

  • Copywriter: Yohanna Best