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The Vegan Society

There are a lot of questions that young people have about the vegan diet and lifestyle. This booklet helps educate and inspire...

As part of a move to develop new materials to meet the needs of their younger members (aged 13-18), Yohanna worked with this charity to write and design this fun and informative printed booklet.

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    For some reason vegans have been stereotyped as being an unhealthy lot, but a varied vegan diet provides all the nutrients we need for a healthy life. Plant based food is higher in fibre and lower in saturated fat than meat and dairy products, which means that a vegan diet can also decrease your chances of getting serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers such as colon cancer.

    So there you have it. – when it’s all down in black and white it suddenly seems that the question shouldn’t actually be: ‘why vegan?’ but instead: ‘why NOT vegan?!’

    I want to go vegan but what on earth can I eat?

    Another cliché about vegans is that they suddenly loose their taste buds and chow down on food that is neither healthy nor yummy. Well, fortunately, not only is vegan food good for you, but it also tastes GREAT and looks FAB! There’s loads of gorgeous dishes than can be made with things like lentils (lovely dhal curry), chickpeas (scrummy falafel and hummus), beans (chilli non-carne or bean burgers) or tofu. And think how lovely fresh fruit and salads look and taste! And if this is all a bit alien and ‘healthy’ to you then you will be happy to know that you can get vegan alternatives for all your fave foods.

    The Vegan Society’s guide ‘The Animal Free Shopper’ gives a huge list of vegan products that can be found in supermarkets and health food stores such as Holland and Barrett.

    So how do I cook Vegan?

    The Vegan Society sells lots of cook books to get you started. We also have recipes on our website; and there are loads and loads of other vegan recipes on the net – just do a search and get cookin’!


    There are heaps of vegan choices for brekkie: cereal and fortified soya milk, wholemeal toast with dairy free margarine and Marmite or nut butter/tahini; porridge with dairy-free milk, apple, cinnamon and chopped nuts. Fancy a fry up? Serve grilled or fried tomatoes and mushrooms with baked beans, vegan bacon rashers, vegan sausages, scrambled tofu and toast. YUM!

    If you don’t feel that you can go 100% vegan straight away then take it gradually by cutting out non-vegan foods bit by bit. If you are already veggie then start replacing the dairy foods with the vegan alternatives we have listed in this booklet. Perhaps aim for one vegan day a week and increase when you feel comfortable. If you are going to be cutting out meat too, then try the range of meat alternatives available.  Once you get going you’ll be surprised at how great vegan food can be!

Project Details

Printed booklet aimed at teens. Concept + copy + graphic design

  • Copywriter: Yohanna Best
  • Graphic Design: Yohanna Best