Digital Content for New Food Delivery Company

Tezeta Vegetarian Foods

We worked with this exciting food start-up to produce delicious web copy that clearly presented the food they served.

This was a fun challenge as few people are familiar with this type of cuisine. We needed to communicate both the exciting dining experience as well as the health benefits.

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    About us

    We have a passion for creating exquisite, authentic and organic Ethiopian food. Food that is rich in flavour. Food that is great for sharing or for savouring alone. Food that doesn’t compromise taste for nutrition, but instead nourishes and comforts the body while pleasing the palate.

    Romana, Tezeta’s founder, has carefully created a selection of popular dishes from Ethiopia’s vast range of incredible cuisine, and with such a rich culinary heritage (Romana is half Ethiopian and half Italian) it is no surprise that she is eager to share this fantastic food with you today.

    As food lovers with busy schedules and an interest in our health, we appreciate convenient, freshly cooked food that leaves us feeling good, and we think you do too. So take a look at our menu and pick your favourite dishes – or try something new! – then send us your order by text, email or phone and we’ll get straight back to you to confirm your order. You can then relax while our chef prepares your meal for you.

    Conveniently Healthy Cuisine

    Vegetarians and those interested in investing in their health will be very pleased by our selections – Ethiopian tradition calls for 250 meat free days each year! This has created a cuisine naturally rich in satisfying and flavoursome vegetarian dishes combining filling protein sources such as lentils and chickpeas with fresh vegetables, delicious and carefully balanced spices, and, of course, the popular staple of rice or the fluffy enjera flat bread.

    Focusing on excellent quality ingredients and spices means that we can go easy on the oils, unlike some other cuisines that rely on fats to give a rich food experience. The means that our food will leave your tongue and your tummy satisfied, but without the heavy post take-away lethargy. And you won’t have to think about all the excess calories you will have to burn as compensation! With such tasty and nutritious, low fat food, ordering take out no longer means you need to feel guilty. You can treat yourself to convenient, fun and wonderfully tasty food knowing that you are doing yourself good.

Project Details

Vegetarian, Ethiopian food delivery company.

  • Copywriter: Yohanna Best