Digital Newsletter for Start-up Incubator

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This charity needed an awesome series of newsletters to engage with their audience of early stage start-ups.

Yohanna created content which aimed to educate, inspire and entertain the reader. You’ll notice a natural segue into the advertisement for office space after the informative sections of growing your business with a business partner. Here are some tasty stats to illustrate the success of these series of newsletters.

  • Subscriber list average open rate: 38.3 % (66% greater than the industry average*)
  • Click rate: 5.6% (86% greater than the industry average*)

*source: mail chimp

  • Feast Your Eyes on a Sample...

    Here’s a tasty piece from 11th February 2014.


    Subject: Find Your Perfect Business Partner in The Bathtub

    Hello Sam!

    How was your week been? Will you be spending Valentine’s Day in the company of your perfect partner? High-five to you if you are! But if this isn’t on the cards, worry not because here’s an opportunity to find your perfect business partner instead.
    Tub Talk ™ Panel Discussion: How To Find Your Perfect Business Partner.
    18 February @ 6.30 pm at our new City Bathtub, EC2

    Paul Dowling –
    Tim Summers –
    John Spindler –

    Finding your perfect business partner can be just as tricky as finding your perfect romantic partner. And much like love, just relying on luck is not going to cut it as you need to put in some thought as to what you want from a business partner and how to make it work when you have found them. During this panel discussion our expert guests will share their experience and knowledge so that you can find the perfect match and live happily ever after.

    Tickets are FREE and include drinks and nibbles, and we would love to give you a tour of our new City co-working space too! Why not share the (entrepreneurial) love and bring a friend! Reserve your space here >>>

    Don’t know what you want from a business partner?
    Here are 7 conversations you should have with yourself before you approach one from business coach and Bathtub member Step & Stone.

    Business going well and looking for space to expand?
    Our gorgeous loft office will soon be available in our Bethnal Green Site and has room for up to 15 desks. Enjoy your own loft space with a separate entrance, yet still be part of our fantastic community of entrepreneurs! Take a peek here >>>

    The Ninja Skill That will Earn the Respect of Business and Romantic Partners Alike.
    Ever ruined that romantic moment or important business mingle by forgetting the cork screw? Here is how you open a wine bottle without one. You’re welcome.

    Have a fantastic day!

    Team Tub

Project Details

Digital newsletter. Planning, research, copy writing and layout.

  • Copywriter: Yohanna Best