How We Help

If marketing isn’t your thing, or running your small business just doesn’t give you the time, it can all feel like a massive weight on your mind. If sales are slow and you know you have a great product then you are probably feeling  pretty frustrated about your progress. And no doubt you are also stressed that you have invested so much in your small business and it all seems so fragile right now. You know that once people get a taste of your product (or service) and see how awesome your company is they will be a big fan. But you just can’t reach out to them…

Here’s the secret. Creating the right message for your website and marketing content to present to your audience takes as much thought, finesse and skill as creating your winning product or service. Give it a good shake of SALT to get the appetites flowing. Own that feeling of empowerment over your business again! This is how:

We start by having a chat to set FOCUS. We do this by asking the right questions to make sure we both know WHO your ideal client is, WHERE you are today and WHAT you want to achieve with the piece you would like help with. If you’re not sure yourself on the answers, we can help you get that CLARITY. This sets the frame for HOW we can go about HELPING you get there with the budget you have in mind!

We then WHISK TOGETHER our spicy SKILLS and nicely matured EXPERIENCE to create brilliant and effective content and/or a stunning and selling website for you to deliver to your audience. More INTEREST from people and more ‘browsers’ becoming CUSTOMERS.

This will build MOMENTUM and make your increasing number of fans curious, excited and chatty. They will start seeking out your product and will tell others about you, bringing you the RESULTS you need to obtain the GROWTH you crave.

We continuously run things by you to make sure you LOVE what we are doing. If you don’t then we’ll change it for you!