Any Q's?

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  • What exactly does SALT offer and how can you help me?

    We help you grow your business with brilliant on-line strategy and marketing content while keeping intact the SOUL of your business. Marketing that really reflects the heart of what you do!

    Have a peek at our services here. You can choose a one off project or two, for example writing the copy for a new web site or a brochure, or the actual web site with no copy. Alternatively  we can tailor package to suit your needs to provide the ongoing support with social media management or writing regular blogs or newsletters.

  • What is marketing and why do I need it?

    Simply put marketing is making yourself visible so that the people who want/need your product can find you.

    It’s everything from how your web site looks, what it says and does to choosing how to communicate with your audience such as using social media, newsletter, blogs, video. It also covers things like your brochures, flyers, menu, and what it on your packaging.

    It doesn’t have to be complicated or flashy, but it does need thought, focus and time to be effective and attract your desired audience, keep them engaged and buy your product. Think about when you’ve read or received something unexpectedly very cool. Maybe a note accompanying something you bought online. Or think about a restaurant menu that made you want to order everything. Perhaps an awesome newsletter that really didn’t feel at all salesy but made you want to buy what they were promoting and tell all your friends about it. What you read would have been full of personality and really came across in a way that made you feel understood (whether you consciously realised it or not!)

  • Well that sounds fun and manageable? Surely I can just do it myself?

    Because marketing can easily unravel into a whole web of tasks, ‘just doing a bit’ can suddenly take expand in to ‘just doing a lot’ and robs focus from your product and the administrative side of your business. Take a look at the services we offer. Even if you know how to do this (and don’t have to spend time learning – we’ve been doing this for around ten years!), do you realistically have time to do all of this yourself, produce a product you are proud of and run the rest of your business? You might even have a day job and a family too. And you also need to take care of yourself as well, remember. Don’t burn yourself out or you’ll be no good to anyone or your business!

    As we know ourselves, starting a business is like opening a whole can of worms. Open that can and liberate those worms, yes do, but make sure you get some help along the way.

  • Surely it doesn’t matter if growing my business takes a bit longer?…

    Momentum is so important when running a business, not just to get the all-important cash flow juicy as soon as possible, but also for your own motivation. When things drag on and you are not getting the traction you want and need to make your business a success, it’s more than easy to give up your dream. Please don’t do that! The world craves your product. This is your gift and not sharing it with us, well that would just be greedy now wouldn’t it?

  • I want to be the voice of my brand. It’s really important to me, and it’s what my product is about

    That’s perfect. It’s how it should be! We work hard to ensure we totally ‘get’ you and your brand. You let us know the ‘tone’ (eg specific words to use or avoid) and we weave together your marketing copy, or translate that into a web site, using just that. You remain the voice, not us. We are just the amplifier!

    If you don’t feel you have a consistent and effective tone or brand personality then we can help you discover that too.

  • I’ve already been running my business for a while and have an audience, and sales are OK. Why would I need your help?

    Well if you are genuinely content with where your business is, your work-life balance and your income then it looks like you are thriving well without us. AWESOME!

    But if your vision involves taking your business to another level to bring you more income, or to shake things up by developing another service/product, or to have more free time to spend outside of your business then do consider letting us help you out. We’ll ensure we preserve the brand personality and voice that you have worked hard to create.

  • Shouldn’t I wait until I’m bigger and have more money coming in?

    Well that’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation. It’s hard to bring in money through sales if people don’t know you exist. Effective marketing is an investment, and we are acutely aware that you are expecting a return on it. We’ll get you there more quickly and with less stress.

    If you are looking for external funding through investors or crowd funding then having an eager audience in place is only going to help your case by proving the demand.

  • Doesn't marketing cost a lot?

    It doesn’t have to! Sure, big brands will spend thousands on just one Facebook post , and hundreds of thousands on a website, but we certainly wouldn’t do that. As small business owners ourselves, we know that your budget might not be massive at all. We price ourselves very fairly, and we aim for the right balance to get the impact you want within your budget. We love long-term relationships so would be more than happy to add on extra projects after your revenue has increased as a result of our marketing.

  • I love what you do, but I’m really not at a stage where my product is ready to be shouted about.

    No worries at all! Let’s stay in touch, and feel free to let us know when the time is right. In the meantime, do keep an eye on our blog and Facebook and Twitter for tips and lots of fun inspiration to help you along the way. Go get ’em, Tiger!